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I take great joy and pride in using and re-using materials that have led a life before they fell into my hands. I enjoy skimming antique stores for frames, flea markets for vintage photographs, art books, dictionaries, and often select tear sheets from magazines bound to be thrown into the trash.

I love to be part of that cycle, enhancing each item’s life expectancy – and Letting the bits and pieces I gathered tell their story in a new, unique way.

By pairing unexpected subjects, they form a new reality, they connect with each other and create a bond - just like us humans connect and disconnect on a daily basis - In short, my collages imitate life in the most harmonious way.

I am thriving to assemble positive emotions on paper and hope that the beholder of my art works feels a little – or a lot – of this life embracing happiness, discovers the uniqueness of each piece, sees the stories that the collages have and want to tell.

You will also find that I am using a lot of elements from our world’s flora and fauna. The reason being, apart from me being a nature lover per se, that the cycle of life is even more dominant there. The rotten flower serves as fertilizer to the next generation of plants, they go hand in hand, making sure that beauty on our planet stays for eternity.

On a last note: Recently, I started working with Epoxy resin to seal my collages rather than using glass to protect them. This leads to an uneven, bumpy surface, with ups and downs, just as life. I want to create a 'touchability', and I urge everyone to not just see, but also feel my work - opening up the senses and inspiring to explore art beyond the mere visual.

Even on a somber day you may find solace by exploring my art – At least that is what I am wishing for!

Thank you for reading,

Simone Pipek


(917) 673 3448

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